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Plastic Wheels

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EFPI was established in 1987, Main business is manufacturing rubber and plastic products, Specializes in rubber & plastic, injection molding, foam molding, raw materials and manufacturing moldings.
Products used in "medical equipment", eg: wheelchairs, walkers, "the electronics industry hand tools", eg: soft and rigid handle, conductive, antistatic materials and finished products.
As for the "plastic foam molding" used in golf wheels, stroller wheels, children's bicycle wheel, a spinning disk, and crash pads seismic. "Second foam plastic molding" can be used for car cushions, floor mats, floating board, soft stick, safe frisbee ... ... and so on.
Innovation and Patents
  We believe that the invention and evolution of the technology will bring greater value, EFPI years of continuous research and development, so that our partners always have the best products and most competitive price. [more]